Most People Think They Need To Share Their Own Content To Get Success. But Those People Have Not Seen This Page Yet!

Dear friend,
WHEN YOU PEEL OFF THE LAYERS of big promises in the Internet Marketing space, you'll see that content is NOT KING. The king is actually content sharing. It is utterly WEIRD that so few people are aware of it…

I am talking about the thousand pound gorilla sitting in the corner. 

And for every second you deny this rising challenge in your business, more and more sales slip through your fingers in favor of your COMPETITORS!

Think about it! How often are you sharing stuff on Facebook? Or on Twitter? Or basically on any other social media site?

Websites are being shared up to 18 times per week by the regular Jane and Joe!




All this sharing is actually building businesses for free! But it's not YOUR business that's being built! Chew on that little tidbit for a sec...

I understand very well if you have been feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and defeated by the largest content creators, newspapers, magazines and blogs, with their blazing ability to push articles, photos and videos quicker and more abundantly than you ever could. It's kinda like your hands are tied and you're COMMANDED to share what they create if you wanna be held in high esteem by your leads and customers…
  • Stuck, knowing that you need to ALWAYS be spending hours sharing up-to-date news and valuable articles NOT GETTING an immediate ROI for the effort you put in…

Can you relate? Most of us can.


You're Right In Feeling So.
It's Actually A Serious Challenge When Running A Business In 2017

Back when I started to work online I learned about a NECESSARY EVIL: You need to share stuff!

And whenever I shared stuff not created by me, I helped building businesses not owned by me. I wasn't getting a check for the work I did!

But I had a dilemma…

The leads I accumulated, as well as my customers, all expected me to keep on sharing interesting and good content.

It made me regarded as an authority by them.

Sharing stuff with them became "entertainment" and getting their focus was a breeze…

I put a minimum of 10 hours a week into creating and sharing content... STILL, my own content didn't match up to the articles and videos I shared from other authority sites.


So one day I had this thought:


"Since I'm participating in building other peoples businesses... Doesn't it make sense that I also get a paycheck in doing so?"

The right answer to this is a resounding yes!

Working for free have never been a good idea for anyone.

At least not if the work involves building up a business that you don't own by sharing their websites with your beloved leads and customers…


On the flip side, it's very wrong to rely solely on self-made content to make your business grow...

That's when the idea came to me:

Is there any way for me to share content I didn't create myself, and also collect leads and commission checks from it? 


Well, I Worked On This Idea And Tested It...


I had a particular cloudbased software made, then researched and selected the best articles from newspapers and blogs on the topic of anxiety.

All were sites in a very targeted niche and all were regarded as authorities by their readers. The content was about how to get rid of panic attacks.

To up the ante and really test this idea, I chose to target another country, just to see if it could work anywhere. I chose Sweden. The sites I picked were large national newspapers and a few well-visited blogs about panic and anxiety. 

Then I started sharing the articles like I usually do, but with a slight difference. I shared them using my new software. Once people clicked and started to read what I shared, either an optin form or an affiliate link appeared - subtle - wherever on the screen I wanted, whatever I wanted them so see.

The first week of testing was insane, ending the weekend seeing a pretty big commission for 107 dollars and 15 cents sitting in my ClickBank stats. Watch the screenshot from one of my ClickBank accounts right here:

I checked my stats Aug 20, and my first thought was "it must be a fluke". Then I tested it again, and it dawned upon me that Klikkio™ will be big! (Results not typical, read income disclaimer)

Introducing: Klikkio™

Klikkio™ is working because its technology let you lend the authority of others.

To "lend authority" is why marketers put stickers on products and websites saying "As seen on…". You could might call it affiliated authority.

You use Klikkio™ to create a shareable and branded link to content owned by other people. Share the link and let your audience begin to connect you to this brand. The business you run (along with its products and services) will be highly esteemed and regarded as an authority - all because of the shared content from Klikkio™.

Get this, it's totally legal!

4 Steps To Collect Paychecks From Sharing Content

First Step Is To Find Content You Like

Go to big sites that people both love and trust. Pick a piece of good content within your niche. As an example, here is an article I found in Success Magazine about Tony Robbins.

Second Step Is Creating Your Awesome Klikkio™ Link

You get to build a link using three main features: Send people to your site, have a poll or show an opt-in form:

Third Step Is To Share The Link On Your Social Sites

It's time to share your special link, an easy task when using the Klikkio™ dashboard and its inbuilt share functions for all the popular social media sites:

Forth Step Is To Collect The Leads And Make Sales

You can chose to collect leads or sell your visitors directly with an affiliate link. That's the magic of lending authority of the site you're sharing:


Using High-end Marketing Software Like Klikkio™ Can Transform Anything You Find Online To Act As Your Own Sales- And Leads Machine

With the unique and one-of-a-kind technology provided by Klikkio™, you can:

  • AT LAST have a shot at getting paychecks from the mere act of finding other peoples content and SHARE IT... And it's allowed without permission from the content owner. In fact, they'll more likely love you for sharing their stuff!
  • Transform the act of SHARING into 19 new leads in less than 5 minutes (like I did in my testing phase),  never having the need to write, design or record any type of content of your own…
  • Make your marketing campaigns and call-to-actions go VIRAL, simply from standing on the shoulders of international brands like Huffpost, Success Magazine, BBC and so on…
  • Totally erase your struggle of having to make your own content to get likes and shares... If it's hard to produce articles, photos and videos at the speed demanded by your readers, merely pick up Klikkio™ and leverage the content created by other people...
  • Find the social platform where your shares are the most popular. Analyze the engagement, for how long people visit your site and much more...
  • Build an email list of the best leads for your brand. Using the highest quality content from authorities in your niche will surely convey your message to the masses! It'll help your audience to make decisions, stop hesitate, and hand you their information, like name, email, telephone... After all, people have faith in authorities and big brands.


No Installation. Merely Login, Create And Share A Link.

The fact that Klikkio™ is built to work in your web browser, means its fast and easy to use. No dealing with downloads, installing applications or plugins, updates or hours upon hours to learn to use a new software...

Just open your browser, go to Klikk.io and do the four steps. Copy & paste, create the link, share the link, and wait for the traffic to come your way.


Easy... Quick... Solid Tech... And It Can Create Paychecks.

Your Success Is My Pleasure, And You Can Count On Me To Please Myself. Furthermore, Your Success With Klikkio™ is Also A Guarantee.

If you've never earned a dime in an online business, despite your many efforts, it's impossible to blame you for not succeeding. Klikkio™ probably just wasn't around when you hustled your ass off.

You can relax knowing that Klikkio™ with its effective and simple online tech works like magic. All you need to do is order it risk-free today and get our 60 days money back guarantee. If you're not happy with what you got, and you don't get success using it, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

To say it bluntly, if you don't fall in love with Klikkio™ we don't want your money. Scouts honor!

From here it's just one thing for you to do...

Talking with marketing professionals, I was told to set the price to be more than a thousand bucks a month, because Klikkio™ provide its customers the option of creating unlimited campaigns, unlimited links, and unlimited clicks. Researching the market for similar services, this is a fair price. But I don't want to go that route. I want Klikkio™ to not only service the big brands. I want it to be a tool for small businesses as well.

The price is therefore set at a low one-time cost of $49.00  which is is several hundred dollars less than competing services. You know, I made this tool for myself and my clients (I own a digital marketing company). I could easily stop right there. But sharing it with you, I can keep building a better and better tool based on feedback from internet marketers. And at this low-cost on-time price I can maintain the best and fastest servers to host Klikkio™, as well as keep developing the software code for future technology changes. Win for me. Win for my clients. Win for you.

Click the button, order Klikkio™ and pay only $49.00 today.